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How to Prevent a Lengthy Divorce

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Once you make the decision to get a divorce, you likely want to get the process over with as soon as possible. If you linger in an unhappy marriage, this can be painful and emotionally draining for many. While you do not want to move through the divorce too quickly for fear of making hasty decisions, you can do some things to help expedite the process.
Here are some things to remember when you want to end the divorce as quickly and peacefully as possible.
Be Willing to Communicate With Your Spouse's Attorney
To help expedite the process, you need to be willing to talk to your spouse in person or through his or her attorney from time to time.
You may find talking to your spouse difficult at this time, depending on the circumstances surrounding the end of your marriage. This is why you may want to only communicate through the attorney. The last thing you want to do is have continuous fighting.
Communication is key to a successful divorce. You both have to understand the terms of the divorce and be willing to accept or reject them. Most of your communication should surround issues such as your children, who will pay for the mortgage, and utilities on the home you shared, and the like.
If you do not communicate regularly, your spouse's attorney will then have to contact your attorney who in turn has to contact you. Working together as best you can is best to avoid the back and forth with the attorneys.
Be Upfront on Your Assets
One issue that can significantly hinder a divorce is one of you not being upfront about your assets. If you hide any assets from your spouse, your divorce will endure delays until everything goes through the discovery process. If the other party finds you hiding assets, your spouse's attorney will want to do a thorough forensic accounting to ensure all assets are disclosed.
When you begin the divorce process, gather all your financial records to submit to the court. This will include, but is not limited to, investments, property, bank accounts, pensions, retirement, and the like.
Although you may feel vulnerable by providing your financial information, doing so will ensure you establish good credibility with the judge. Your divorce will ultimately go more smoothly because of your honesty.
Be Flexible Regarding Child Custody
One of the primary reasons so many divorces drag on for a long time is because the parents cannot settle on a child custody plan. Try to be as flexible as you can when you negotiate the custody of your children. You both need to determine how the custody arrangements will best benefit the children while also accommodating your schedules.
You both need to consider your work schedules, the children's activity schedules, holidays, school breaks, and so on. Try to create a schedule in which you can both successfully co-parent without interrupting everyone's lives as much as possible.
If your spouse has concerns about your version of the schedule, listen to those concerns. What are the concerns? Do you have a possibility of making some changes to accommodate those needs? Think about whether or not arguing over the custody schedule is worth dragging out your divorce.
If you need assistance with your divorce, please contact the Attorney Jeffrey N Novack Law Offices. We provide caring and professional service to our clients. We will tailor our legal services to your specific needs and goals. Please call us with your questions and concerns, or if you need representation for your family law needs. We want to help you.


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